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Information about Siem Reap

Siem Reap information including history, fact, life style and thing to do

Siem Reap Information


Cambodia is located in in South East Asia in the North latitude 13° and East Longitude 105°. It is bordering to Thailand and Lao to the north, Vietnam to the east, Gulf of Thailand to the south and Thailand to the west. Cambodia has total area of 181,035km2.  It is affected by monsoon. The geographical regions are divided to 4 main regions: central plain, mountains, highlands and coast. Most of the area is covered by forest. Eastern highlands is seemed to be the protected line to central pain. There are many populations live in central plain because the land is fertilized. 85% of Cambodian populations are farmer. They cultivate agriculture for life.
There are many ancient story, epic and drama about this country according to its wonder, history, religion, culture, tradition, temple construction, resorts, and many other attractions. This small country is influenced by amazing culture, civilization, tradition, mystery and religion. Moreover, Angkor Wat is one of the most marvelous wonders in the world and was listed as world heritage by UNESCO.  Cambodia is the main target for national and international tourists. They visit and they may take beautiful photography with greeted smile from Cambodian people. You will gradually know more about Cambodia.

Siem Reap was the most important ancient city of Cambodia. It is bordering to Banteay Mean Chey province to the west, Oddor Mean Chey and Preah Vihear to the north-east, Kampong Thom to the east, Battambang Province to the south-west and Tonle Sap Lake to the south. Siem Reap is the most important tourism site or which is simply called “non-smoke Industry” of Cambodia.


Why it was called “Siem Reap”?


There are many historical events related to Siem Reap such as relation and invasion with neighborhood. Initially, Siem Reap was named as Angkor City. Then, I was changed to Siem Reap instead.  The word Siem Reap was a combination of Siem + Reab in Cambodian language. Siem is Siam, which was the former name of Thailand nowadays. Reab means “defeated”. So the whole meaning of Siem Reap is the serious defeat of Thailand during the war to aggress Cambodia in Longvek Era during the reign of King Ang Chan I. Then the citizen there called “Siem Reap” and has remained the name till now. Unfortunately, Nowadays, Siem Reap becomes the most popular tourism site for tourist. They come for both visit and research purpose. There are French colonial buildings, historical sites, natural resorts, waterfall, adventure, night markets, museum, cultural village, market, supermarket, amusement park, old market, souvenir shop, handicraft, agriculture, fisherman, floating village, floating forest, bird sanctuary, Tonle Sap Lake, circus, Apsara dance, general lifestyle of Cambodian people, minorities such as Chinese, Cham, Vietnamese and many other attractions.

Siem Reap provides accommodation service including international and local star hotels, guesthouses, villas, hostels, homestays, and western or Asian food restaurants. We are ready to warmly welcome you to Siem Reap with our best service including bargain cost through our company. Please do not hesitate to contact and book our tour package and other services. We promise to provide you the best of us.

Travel to Siem Reap, is maybe the most wonderful and magnificent time in your life. Please do not miss it. There are many attractions, where to go, handicraft,
shopping center and many more in the city .We recommend you to visit all of them by spending your time at least 3 days. If you stay more than 3 days, you will enjoy
even more than than what you expected.


Things to do in Siem Reap


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