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Battambang Places of Attraction

Find out what are the most interesting places in Battambang

Battambang is one of the biggest provinces in Cambodia with huge natural resource, places of attraction and many cultural sites. Many temples were built scatter on the mountain, hill and flooded area. These are the tourism potentials that attract the tourism to visit this province.

Bannon Temple
Bannon Temple was built in mid-11th century and late-12th century. The monarch who started to build this temple was King Udayadityavarman II (1040-1066) and was finished by King Jayavarman VII. Bannon Temple was constructed on top of the mountain at about 100m high. There are 352 stair steps away to reach to the temple. It is located in Banan Village, Kanteu-2, Commune, Banan District which is 25km from provincial capital by provincial road #155 along Sangkae River to south-west.
At the base of the mountain, there is a moat and two caves. Those two caves are La Ang Preah Tek and La Ang Bet Meas. Bannon temple mountain resort is both cultural and natural resort. It is a natural resort because it is settled on the mountain with beautiful natural jungle featuring Sangkae River.
Geographical area and surrounding environment is extremely effective for tourism because both sides of the road are full of agricultural crop such as rice planting and orange field. Battambang is considered as the place with most rice and orange planting in Cambodia. Orange planting gives yield twice a year and will be delivered to everywhere in Cambodia.

Wat Ek Temple or Ek Phnom
Wat Ek or Ek Phnom Temple was architecture in 11th century in 1027 AD in reign of King Suryavarman I (1002-1050). Ek Phnom Temple is located in Peam Ek Commune, Ek Phnom District at 15km from the provincial center. The surrounded moat is now heavily ruined by nature and human excavations. However, this temple is still in good shape at some points which attract international and national tourists come to visit. 

Baset Temple
Baset Temple was built in reign of King Suryavarman 1 (1002-1050). It is situated on the hill. It is 15km away from the provincial center in Baset Village, Tapon Commune, Sangkae District. Baset Temple was the architecture in 11th century in between 1036 to 1042 AD. There is an ancient pond with 20m by 12m. It is never dried up despite rainy or dried season. 

Sneung Temple
Sneung Temple is situated in Sneung Commune, Banan District, and is about 22km from town. Sneung Temple was built by brick on the knoll with 30m by 20m. Through the observation, this temple is similar to all 12th century built temple. Sneung Pagoda is a pagoda near this temple. There are 2 temples in the area of the pagoda and another is in front of the pagoda. It is along National Road #10 which is the highway of Battambang and Pailin city connection.

Phnom Sampov
Phnom Sampov (Sampov Mountain) is one of the most popular natural resorts in Battambang and is located at Sam Pov Commune, Banan District. It is commonly visited by tourists, especially by local tourists during public holiday or the most important festivals such as Cambodian New Year’s Day or Pchum Ben Festival. This resort is located along the left side of the National Road #10on at about 13km form town. Due to strong observation, this mountain is shaped like a ship with 100m high and 700 stair steps. There are many caves in the mountain. The most popular and important caves are Pkar Slar, Lo Khuon and Asok. On top of the mountain, there is a pagoda called “Wat Kirirom”. Near Phnom Sampov, there are many other mountains like Phnom Kdoang, Phnom Karpeu, Phnom Trung Moan, Phnom Trung Tea and Phnom Neang Rum Say Sork. These mountains are related to Khmer folk tales such as Reach Kol Neang Rom Say Sork.

Ang Kamping Puoy (Kamping Puoy Basin)
Ang Kamping Pouy was established during Khmer Rouge regime. This construction resulted in death of hundred thousands of people. It is located between 2 mountains: Phnom Kul and Phnom Ta Nget, in Ta Kream Commune, Banan District at 35km from the provincial center and 19km from National Road #57 former National Road #10 in between Phnom Karpeu and Phnom Trung Moan. This basin is 7500m by 1900m with 110,000,000 cubic meters in rainy season. It is the main source for cultivation. Ang Kamping Pouy is not just beneficial to agriculture field but it is also beneficial to tourism also.  It is a natural resort to attract both international and national tourists to visit, relax, refresh and bath. People around there do agriculture and fishing for life.

Sek Sork
Sek Sork is a natural resort located 56km from town in Phlov Mea Village, Rattanak Mondul District on National Road 57, former National Road 10. It is the wellspring of clear water flows on pieces of rock which combine the nature of beauty. At the shores, there are jungles spread around with warm shade. Agriculture is the main job for the citizen here. These agriculture crops are peanut, green peanut, maize, pineapple, coconut, jack fruit, sesame, .etc.

Steung Chamlong Kouy
Steung Chamlong Kouy resort is a natural resort located in Chamlong Kouy Village, Mean Chey Commune, Samlout District, and 82km from town. Steung Chamlong Kouy is a river flows across Sangkae River. It has very beautiful scenery of clear water flows across pieces of huge rocks. There are big tall trees give shades to the tourist to rest and relax at the river bank. This area is full of luxurious woodtypes. Agriculture is the main work there.

Banteay Sat
Banteay Sat is the bird sanctuary located in Koh Chivean Village, Kaoh Chiveang Commune, Aek Phnom District, and 105km from provincial town. Banteay Sat is at the border of  Tonle Sap Lake. We may take boat along Sangke River in rainy season.

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